So, you'd like to know a bit more about us...

What we do

Your Local Markets has been running vibrant farmers markets on the Gold Coast for 16 years. We offer a number of quality markets with a focus on local, sustainable and beautiful products, including Food and Farmers markets, Global Food markets, and Artisans markets.

What we offer

Your Local Markets Food & Farmers’ Markets attract thousands of shoppers every week. And there’s a reason - we regularly feature over 80+ stallholders at each of our markets, who sell organic, biodynamic and conventionally grown fresh fruit and vegetables; handmade jams, pickles and jellies, meat, fish, freshly ground locally grown organic and conventionally grown coffee, breads, pastries and other bakery items, fresh pasta and sauces, olives, nuts and seeds, breakfast cereals, organic and cold pressed juices, pet foods, soy candles, handmade skin creams and much more.

We currently run Food & Farmers’ Markets on the Gold Coast of SE Queensland at Bundall and Palm Beach. For more information on our markets, see Market Locations.

Fresh produce from the Turf Club Markets

What's important to us

Because we run our markets so well, and they’re such a great way to spend a morning, Your Local Markets are now seen as the new benchmark for community-based markets, in terms of quality, atmosphere and unbridled success.

And part of this is due to our mission, which, is to

“facilitate authentic connections between producers, consumers and the community.”


More of what we believe in

A critical element of our mission is to genuinely and proactively facilitate these authentic connections which occur between all sections of the community who come together at every one of our markets. We believe that much of these connections have been lost in today’s supermarkets and shopping centres. We’re all searching for ways to regroup, re-gather and reconnect. And what better way to do that than by shopping for authentic, quality products straight from the person who grew, reared, caught or made them?

Issues and movements we support

  • Your Local Markets is proud to support the international movement in favour of local communities and producers.
  • Your Local Markets also supports the Slow Food Movement and its principals are members of Slow Food Australia and believe that food should be good, clean and fair.  The principles of Slow Food are that the food we eat should taste good; it should be produced in a clean way that does not harm the environment, animal welfare or our health; and food producers should receive fair compensation for their work.
  • We believe that we should return to the older ideals where food was celebrated, became the centre of our families and connections, but where we started with the beautiful raw ingredients and turned it into something special. We celebrate food, as we celebrate life!
  • We're also passionate about our planet and all the living things that inhabit it. We're obviously concerned about climate change and ways we can live more sustainably, for us, our children, and their children. So we're thrilled we're doing our bit to help reduce food miles and supporting our local farmers and sustainable farming methods (like organic and bio-dynamic methods).
  • Because we're passionate people, we're also interested in fitness, health and nutrition, particularly that of the younger generation.
  • We also embrace small and emerging designers, artists and artisans with a focus on sustainable and recycled products.  Those who create unique, beautiful things deserve a forum to sell their wares and we're hugely supportive of anything that does not come from a large chain store!  Our Artisans'Markets will have a focus on authenticity, sustainability, uniqueness and beauty.  Keep checking our website for more details!

What we do about all our interests and passions

You'll see on our homepage that we have a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages and often share and discuss issues with our community. But mostly, we do our best to bring you the best markets possible, to support our local farmers, producers, businesses, community and hopefully have fun too!


We probably spend as much time chatting as shopping, but it’s become part of our weekly ritual. The atmosphere is friendly & welcoming, for all ages & this is obviously genuine, not contrived.

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