Your Local Markets Mission

Your Local Markets' Mission

Whether offering Farmers, Global Food or Artisans’ markets, the mission of Your Local Markets is:

To facilitate authentic connections between producers, consumers
and the community.

Your Local Markets acknowledges that for many, shopping at markets is about more than just a retail experience. Visitors interact with growers or producers of the food or goods for sale and learn more about where their product has come from, how it was made and what elements went into its creation. Shoppers also meet with friends to do their shopping, catch up and linger awhile. It’s therefore far more interactive and rewarding for everyone involved.

Another important element of shopping at a market is that shoppers are also supporting their local growers, designers and small businesses. Your Local Markets is proud to be involved in the international movement towards “localisation”.

The ambience and friendly stall staff are an attraction that makes us keep coming back. We have got to know the people who manage the markets and find them extremely helpful and hearty.

Bill & Diana
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