Your Local Markets' Principles

Our Principles

Your Local Markets is committed to the following principles:

  1. We will continually strive to provide the most professional and highest quality markets in Australia.
  2. We will bring a variety of premium quality farmers, producers, artisans, and local business people to the public and will ensure that, where possible, sustainable production is used. Preference will be given to organic, fair trade producers, or those using recycled and environmentally sustainable materials.
  3. As from 1 January 2017 single-use plastic bags, EPI or otherwise, plastic containers and utensils will not be used at any of our Gold Coast Markets.  Reusable jute and paper market bags are available for sale at all Gold Coast Markets.
  4. Where possible, sustainable, compostable packaging and containers will be promoted and used (subject to relevant Health Regulations and legislation) and we will work with each landowner to ensure recycling collection is available at each market
  5. Local and State Government regulations prohibit smoking within markets where food is sold. Consequently all staff and stallholders at Your Local Markets’ will not be permitted to smoke at our markets.
  6. Your Local Markets (and its farmers, producers, artisans and local businesses) will partner with local charities to donate food, time or money to the needy, homeless or less fortunate.
When I say that Sunday mornings at the Turf Club is a highlight of my week, I do NOT exaggerate. The atmosphere & camaraderie is a big factor. Well run, big attendances and fantastic stalls.

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